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..::[ Added (02/13/2008) ]::..

Sorry for the last couple of months down-time. Server crash, and thought I lost backups, but randomly found some archaic copies I heavily had to update. A new site design was currently in the process due to this mishap. Will be up soon.

..::[ Added (02/05/2007) ]::..

I'm back online. I moved to California last year and the streaming went down. I'm temporarily fowarding to my great pal soma.fm until I get my bandwidth reallocated. I have a new vision for the site, which will hopefully spread new light upon us. I'll keep everyone posted, and thanks to the thousands of IDM heads sending me emails, I promise work is in progress. :) (If anyone knows Ruby or Ruby-on-rails, with free time on their hands, please contact me).

..::[ Added (04/05/2004) ]::..

Upcoming (Texas) Shows I'll be at:
  • 04-20-04 - Squarepusher @ Trees (Dallas, TX).
  • 04-24-04 - Four Tet @ The Parish Room (JazzKitchen) (Austin, TX).

  • ..::[ Added (11/07/2003) ]::..

    www.IntelligentDanceMusic.com is now offering three totally free, stable, and live streams (for all listener speeds), rather than just the single one we've been pushing stand-alone before. Each speed is streaming different tracks (all from the same playlist).

    If you're an IDM artist/producer please contact me about importing your work into our streams.

    If any of you were musicforhackers.com fans, that's my taste of 'streaming' and I wish to re-create that feel here. I'm sad that they shut down after so many years.

    Email me.

    ..::[ Added (6/20/2000) ]::..

    Welcome to www.IntelligentDanceMusic.com!